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Get Healthy Snacks Delivered Straight to Your Office Each Month, All on Auto-Pilot

SnackNation is a delightful healthy snack delivery service that’s easy for you, fun for your co-workers, and a no-brainer for company leadership to spice up your office culture.


Give Your Employees Something You Know They’ll Love and Appreciate



★ Guilt-Free Healthier Snacks

Cleaner, better-for-you snacks that will have your co-workers feeling energized and focused all day long.

★ Variety & Discovery

Eliminate snack boredom in your office! Expertly curated mix of exciting, new, delicious snacks every month.

★ Experience Happiness

Your team will love this. You’ll be a hero and create more joy in the workplace. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

★ Easy & Convenient

A simple, hassle-free way to get snacks delivered right to your office and a designated account manager who’s with you every step of the way.


Get Free Snacks

How It Works


Choose Your Plan

Select your subscription plan based on the number of employees you have in your workplace or the number of break rooms you want to stock.


Delivery Arrives

Your first shipment will contain the SN display and 1 refill box. Designate someone to restock the display as additional refill boxes will arrive.


Employees Enjoy Snacks

You’ll hear a buzz around the office as employees try the tasty and healthy snacks. Their mid- afternoon energy crashes are instantly replaced with smiles!

Join thousands of other Office Professionals who are making their workplaces healthier, happier and more awesome with SnackNation.

“I love that I don’t have to spend time picking out snacks! Even better, they are healthier alternatives to the ones I used to buy!”

-Kiely, Office Manager at Influitive

“SnackNation brings variable and delicious surprises to the office every month – it’s amazing how grown ups turn into little kids at christmas when the snack box arrives!”

-Shane, Co-founder & VP of Customer Success at 15Five

Susan Gustafson

“I’ve had an employee say he ‘wants to defect from the US and move to SnackNation.’ I think this should sum up how much the staff loves SN.”

-Susan, Administrative Rockstar at Brightpeak Financial

Some of the World’s Most Respected Companies Trust SnackNation



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