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“Versatile HUMAN”

All-in-One Healthy Food & Drink Vendor

Versatile HUMAN Healthy Vending Machine

Primary Features

  • Versatile: Simple, coil-based technology custom designed for healthy snacks and drinks with the ability to vend Small and Large Snacks, 12 oz. or 8.4 oz. cans, small and large bottles.
  • Modular: Dismantles into 3 pieces for easy transport. Wave goodbye to moving companies.
  • Multi-Faceted Payment Acceptance: Bill acceptance for $1s and $5s. Coin Acceptance of Nickels, Dimes, Quarters & Dollars. Credit/Debit Cards Accepted
  • Loyalty Cards: Build brand loyalty at your locations through a built-in loyalty card system that uses inexpensive Smart Cards.
  • Remote Monitoring: Efficiently service your route with web-based visibility into machine sales and inventory levels.
  • Entree Add-On: Want to expand your product selection? The entree unit add-on allows you to provide soups and meals to hungry locations

K Cup Coffee Vending

Technical Specifications

    • Electrical: 110-115 VAC / 3 Amps
    • Dimensions: 75”H x 37”W x 30”D
    • Temperature: Ambient to 33 degrees F
    • Tray Style: Coil System