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“Coffee Touch”

Premium Fresh Coffee & Espresso


Primary Features

  • Exceptional Taste: WAY Better Than Your Average Cup of Joe.
  • Fresh Ground Whole Beans: Machine Grinds Whole Coffee Beans On-The-Spot For Every Cup.
  • Wide Drink Selection: Serves Coffee, Cappuccinos, Lattes, Mochas, Espressos, & More
  • Self Cleaning System: Self Cleaning Mixing Circuit, Product Delivery, and Grinding Assembly Saves You Time & Effort!
  • Touch Screen: Large color touch screen display with customized product names and ability to load your own screensaver images.
  • Online Portal: Manage your Touch screen content and drink selection with online software
  • Premium Construction: Manufactured for reliable, easy operation & cleaning.
  • Optional Accessories: Brewer is compact, counter sized unit with optional cabinet base stand and payment acceptance add-on